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From time to time I will use Pov-Ray to render artwork. These are some of the images I have created.

Tile Floor - PeopleNet
Image Size:1920 x 1200
Added on:July 28, 2008
Download size:239k
Full image:tilefloor_peoplenet_1920x1200.jpg
Pov-Ray source:tilefloor_peoplenet.pov
This is another PeopleNet wallpaper I created. The PeopleNet logo is off-scene and reflected in a field of glass tiles.

SmoothBlocks - PeopleNet
Image Size:1920 x 1200
Added on:July 17, 2008
Download size:240k
Full image:smoothblocks-peoplenet_1920x1200.jpg
Pov-Ray source:smoothblocks-peoplenet.pov
This image was inspired by "Stranger" by killerkash. I took his original layout of raised smooth blocks and played with it until I had the final image here.

Ghost Sphere
Image Size:1600 x 1200
Download size:179k
Full image:ghost_sphere.jpg
Pov-Ray source:ghost_sphere.pov
I'm not sure why I call this Ghost Sphere, it was just the name I came up with when I put this image together. I was looking for a scene that included some distinct colors and I wanted to play with a spotlight and this is what I came up with. The purple floor was stolen directly from Bearings (below) with a purple reflective coloring. The final version of this image took almost 9 hours to render. There are "draw_detail" and "draw_media" variables in the source. Setting them both to 1 takes a long time to render. Setting the detail to 0 and leaving the media at 1 gives you an idea of what the scene will look like but with a much faster draw time.

Image Size:1600 x 1200
Download size:170k
Full image:bearings.jpg
Pov-Ray source:bearings.pov
This image is my first use of focus and area lights in an attempt to create something a little more real looking that my previous pictures. I stole the basic scene idea from a picture I at The results are a ray traced image that looks as real as anything I've done so far. I generated the spheres for the scene by writing a quick Delphi program to randomly place them in the scene. I avoided spheres touching each other by placing them only at the corner of tiles and then limiting the max size of a sphere to the width of one tile. This isn't the best arrangement but it got the job done.

PeopleNet Sphere
Image Size:1600 x 1200
Download size:181k
Full image:pnet_sphere2.jpg
Pov-Ray source:pnet_sphere2.pov
This image was created with Pov-Ray out of my company PeopleNet Communications's logo. It's the logo with light streaming out into a thin media. The name of the image comes from the fact that the log is carved out of the surface of a huge sphere. This was done so the surface didn't look completely flat (although I admit that the effect is subtle).

Tile Tilt
Image Size:1600 x 1200
Download size:387k
Full image:tiletilt_1600x1200.jpg
Pov-Ray source:tiletilt.pov
This image was created with Pov-Ray one night. The name comes from the method of making this image. The whole thing is a set of tiles made up of a reflective box with a brass cylinder supported over it. Several of these tiles are laid out in a line with each successive tile tilted up slightly. The first one is flat and the last one stands on end. This line of tiles is then swept around in a circle to create the shape you see. The blue color comes from a blue plane placed out of view that is reflected by the tiles.

Water Sphere
Image Size:1280 x 1024
Download size:185k
Full image:water_sphere.jpg
Pov-Ray source:water_sphere.pov
This image was created with Pov-Ray after I started playing with #while loops. The water, lower brass column, and glass sphere were put into the scene, then the basket under the sphere and the surrounding chrome columns were added with #while loops.

Water Sphere 3
Image Size:1280 x 1024
Download size:165k
Full image:water_sphere3.jpg
Pov-Ray source:water_sphere3.pov
This image is the same as the one above but with the checkerboard pattern replaced with a reflective blue pattern.

Hay Sphere
Image Size:1600 x 1200
Download size:223k
Full image:hay_sphere_1600x1200.jpg
Pov-Ray source:hay_sphere.pov
This image was created with Pov-Ray using a #while loop to create what appears to be a random collection of cylinders surrounding a sphere. A single light shines out from inside of the sphere and interacts with the foggy media around it. This image took over 3 days to render on my P800.

New TIE Fighter
Image Size:1024 x 768
Download size:128k
Full image:newtie.jpg
This image started with a model of a modified TIE fighter I found on 3D Cafe. I converted the model from 3D Studio to Pov-Ray, adjusted the colors, and applied a texture to the hull. Then I rendered the model from several different angles at different distances until I had the rendered ships I wanted. The finished ships were placed over some space photos I found on the net.

Sphere in pond
Image Size:1280 x 1024
Download size:181k
Full image:sphere_pond.jpg
This image started as a Delphi program written to use a torus shape to create a sphere. The rest of it is experimenting with height fields and lighting until I came up with this finished image.