Lowell House - Pictures - October 7, 2004

Home Pictures

All the trim and cabinets are stained, the garage floor is in now, and the paint is up. All of the bathroom counters are in and the tile work is also done. The next steps are the appliances, the trade finish (lights, outlets, faucets, etc.), and the kitchen countertops.

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The siding is still under way.

We have a garage floor now!

The bathroom counters are in now. This is the 1st floor bathroom sink.

Here is a picture of the cabinet handles we picked out.

This is the pedistal they built for the washer & dryer.

The main shower.

The main shower, showing the shelves placed in the corners.

The countertops in the master bathroom.

Jodi's sink.

The master shower.

The seat in the master shower.

The tub will slide in here. There are snap-in wood access covers to fill the 3 holes in the front of the tub.

This is the baby's room.

The dining room.

The great room.

Another picture of the great room.

Kitchen cabinets

More kitchen cabinets

The big window by the staircase

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