Lowell House - Pictures - August 23, 2004

House Pictures

The framing is done and we are running cable TV, network, & phone. We also insulated the garage so we can heat it in the winter. The drywall is nearly all hung at this point.

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The cable, network, & phone patch punchdowns in the basement.

They have most of the brick done on teh front of the house.

Another shot of the house with brick

From here you can see the garage and our new VW Passat.

Jim insulating the garage wall

Making cutouts in the insulation for the 2x4s behind the wall

Once the walls are done we hung poly over them to act as a vapor barrier

The back of the garage.

The poly goes right over the service door.

Another finished wall.

Inside, the drywall is 95% done. This is the great room from the kitchen.

The shelf over the coat closet, taken from the kitchen.

From the dinette you can see the foyer on the left and the dining room on the right.

The dinette.

Another shot of the dinette with the great room in the picture.

The windows over the fireplace in the great room.

Here you can see the in-wall speakers in the back of the great room.

The kitchen from the great room.

The half-wall looking into the foyer from the great room.

The huge pile of drywall scraps left over.

The soffit over the dining room. They don't have this completely done yet, but it's close!

The master bedroom, showing the insulation behind the drywall.

From the master bedroom, you can see another pile of drywall scraps from the 2nd floor.

Looking into the master bathroom.

This is a spot to put a TV where you can see it from the tub in the master bathroom. We call this "Jodi's TV"!

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