Lowell House - Pictures - July 20, 2004

Lot Pictures

The upstairs is almost completely framed. They also placed the big beam over the garage door and got the rest of the garage framing done. Looks like they will be doing the trusses very soon!

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The house from the street.

This huge beam over the garage supports the part of the second floor that goes over the garage.

Looking into one garage from the other.

Another view of that beam.

Looking out through the doors of the master bedroom.

The master bathroom from the master bedroom.

Another view from the master bedroom. The open wall to the left will be the stairway leading down.

Bedroom 2.

The windows in the master bedroom.

The step leading up to the master bedroom.

A view of the back of the house.

Our garages. This will be our driveway someday!

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