Lowell House - Pictures - July 17, 2004

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The walls are started on the second floor now. We can see now that the truss they installed over the garage is a major structural truss because it holds up the north east corner of the second floor. This is the part of the second floor that extends over the garage. They have tied two huge laminated beams together in the center of that truss and used that as the base for all of the second floor joists. The second floor is going to be really heavy, but those beams look amazingly strong. It sure looks cool!

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The house from the road.

The master bedroom from bedroom three (the east bedroom).

The view out of the south window in the east bedroom.

The left window in this picture looks south out of the east bedroom. The two corner windows will be over the tub in the master bathroom.

The small window on the left is in the upstairs bathroom. The longer window next to it is in the east bedroom and faces north.

The view from the windows over the master tub.

This is the look down from the east bedroom on the second floor. It's quite a drop now!

The south window in the second (south) bedroom.

The same window as in the previous picture with a view of the small window that will go in the laundry room on the right.

The view west of our house from the second floor. You will be able to see this through the windows in the stairway.

The master bedroom from bedroom two (the south bedroom).

This is the view from the south window in the south bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Downstairs, the kitchen from the dinette.

The great room from the kitchen. We're really happy with the view through the great room windows from the kitchen. If it looks like the studs in this picture are curved it's because of some barrel distortion in the picture from taking a wide angle shot.

A closeup of the windows in the great room.

The west side of the house from the street.

The southwest corner of the house.

This is the beam that goes over the garage door and holds up the roof there. They were going to use a 16" beam but Nick was worried that it might bow over time so he asked for a review. The 16" beam met code but they agreed that a stronger beam would be better so they are using this 24" beam in its place. It's huge and (I'm sure) very strong.

This picture shows how the second floor extends over the garage. The truss they first installed is extra strong and joins with an equally large joist beam from the main part of the house. They form the corner of the second floor that all of the joists over the garage run to.

Here is a closeup of the hardware that joins the two joists.

Our house from just down the street.

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