Lowell House - Pictures - July 2, 2004

Lot Pictures

Jodi and I visited the lot on Friday before the 4th. They have finished backfilling and have leveled the lot and put the general shape to the land around the house. It looks much better than before. This is the first time we have been able to get a feel for how the lot might look with the house on it. The conture of the land behind the house and where everything falls relative to the foundation walls is clearly visible. Having the lot clear of all weeds and such is also very helpful as you can finally get an idea of just how big the lot is.

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This is taken from the corner of the garage down the back of the house. Here is a picture taken from this spot before the walls were backfilled.

This is the back of the house. You can see how the ground will slope down the back of the house.

A shot of the garage from the back yard.

Back of the house.

Back of the house.

From here you can see the walkout. It is located below the great room.

Here is the walkout from a bit further back.

Here you can see some of the waterproofing.

The land comes down fairly steeply on the west side of the house. Someday I would like to have retaing walls to manage the drop. Until then mowing this might be a challange!

This is the west side of the house taken from the street. The large picture windows in the great room will be visible from here.

Here is a shot up the street. This is the 1st in a series of pictures I am taking from this exact spot each time we visit the lot. At the end we will have a slideshow of the house going up.

2nd shot in the series

3rd shot in the series

From here you can see the basement from the walkout. When it is finished, there will be two bedrooms and a bathroom at the far end of this picture.

The left side of this picture is where the utility room will go.

The stairs will come down where you see the bracing in this picture.

The outside wall on the left will have large windows looking west.

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